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Stuck? Stuck?! Stuck!

The final episode of Movies in Real Life! One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies.

Here’s the score. Keep an eye out for Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy this Friday!

No, seriously, I’m Spartacus

Rumor has it that when watching this, Kirk Douglas cried a single tear.

The underscore is so specific to the vid, that it doesn’t really work on it’s own. If you must have it for your own archives (and who could blame you, complete sets of Tyler Walker music only gain in value) then send me an email through the contact form.

Harry Potter in Real Life

sir? sir?

here’s the underscore. i recommend downloading it and playing while doing light wizardry at home.

They do travel in herds

Our latest Movies in Real Life entry. Jurassic. Park.

Here’s the score.

1.21 Gigawatts

Our latest Movies in Real Life entry. Back to the Future!

Alan Silvestri’s score instantly transports me to childhood. I hope my parody does it a little justice.

I Know Kung Fu

In our latest Movies in Real Life video, Neo goes hunting for the perfect “man dress”.

Here’s the score to the fight scene.

You Shall Not Pass

In our latest Movies in Real Life video, Gandalf gets testy with some tourists.

Here’s the underscore.

Indy was the dog’s name

In our latest Movies in Real Life video, a fedoraed fellow tries to capture an ancient artifact in the depths of central park. Little did he know how well it was protected.

Check out the soundtrack Handsome Archaeologist’s March in the player below.


We’ve got 10 videos coming out in the next 10 weeks. We start things off strong with Philadelphia’s best known fictional boxer. Enjoy the video.

I’ll be keeping a separate Soundcloud set called Parodies and genre work for tracks like this.

Black Tie Beach 2013

Here’s the video to our annual Black Tie Beach event. The new track Bikini Whale is available free to download below or from the player on the left. Thanks to everyone who came out. This one was awesome.