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Talk Show Subway Car

Internet legends Pat Cassels and Evan Gregory helped us turn a boring subway car into a live late night talk show. Download the theme from “Late Night Undergroud” for free from the player on the left (or in this post).

Seeing Eye People – new track Dusty Hoover

We do our best to save folks from the perils of texting and walking. In a collaboration with buzzfeed, we’ve made two videos. The soundtrack to the first video, Dusty Hoover, is available to download free from the player on the left.

Reverse Time Square – New track! Back in Time

We got 2000 people to move backwards through Time Square. Unbelievable!

The new track is available in the soundcloud player. It features some backwards vox from my good friend, Rebecca Pronsky.

Suicide Jumper and IE Film!

We remastered our classic Suicide Jumper vid, and I did new dramatic score.

And the IE documentary “We Cause Scenes” will premier at the SXSW film festival on March 8th! It screens a bunch of times. If you’re in Austin, check it out. I worked on the score along with 2 other talented fellows, and the film is awesome.

Grand Central Lights – new track Grand Concourse

Grand Central invited us to crash their 100th birthday party. If you’re in for a “where’s waldo” style good time, try to spot me in the first group walking out to the catwalk. I got my orchestra on for the score of this vid. Grab the track Grand Concourse from the player on the left.

No Pants 2013 – new track Darwin’s Demons

Another new year, another planet full of people doffing their trousers. Check out the video, and grab the video’s soundtrack Darwin’s Demons from the player on the left.

Ridiculously Techno Christmas returns! (updated)

The two new tracks, Jingle Bells and O Come All Ye Faithful, are totally up!
Hit this link to download the entire album free!
Use the player below to listen to and download individual tracks.
(hit “track list” if you want to download individual tracks)

The Boardroom

We turned a Staples show floor into a fancy-pants board meeting.

You can download the over-the-top orchestral piece Boardroom from the player on the left.

Mp3 Experiment NINE

Thanks to everyone who came out today! Here are a few tracks from the experiment that are free to download.

Mp3 Experiment NINE tracks by tylerwalker

There are a few more little grooves that were in the experiment that I’d like to make into full tracks. Hopefully I’ll roll them out soon. If there was anything that knocked your socks off that isn’t here, send me an email, and I’ll send you whatever I’ve got.

Car Alarm Symphony

We took over 100 cars to a Staten Island parking lot and made beautiful music.

Read the full report here.

You can download the track from the video Sebaceous Superhero from the player on the left.