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Creative Hudson Valley Interview

My friend Jordan created a website to feature local creative types and talk about their stuff. I talk about my stuff in great detail. If you’re here already, you probably want to read it.

Light Up Someone’s Holiday

I’m so crazy for Christmas. I really enjoyed getting in the holiday zone working on this music.

Fake Apple Store

Mp3 Experiment Fourteen

This one was awesome.

No Pants 2017

It’s only been 16 years of people taking their pants off. No big deal.

Enjoy a free download of the soundtrack!

Ridiculously Techno Christmas

Santa spiked the kool-aid. Ridiculously Techno Christmas returns.

New Video Game Soundtrack

This one’s been cooking for a while, and it’s finally ready to serve. Enjoy 6 tracks of smooth chippy bossa nova goodness.

Make sure to get the game, now on iOS!
Tropical Square Dance Crisis now on the App Store!

Declare Your Love

A sequel to Say Something Nice. The dad teasing his daughter is so great.

Since it’s a sequel, we used Say Something Nice for the soundtrack, too. Enjoy!

Mp3 Experiment 13

This year’s annual NYC Mp3 Experiment was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came.

Surprise Press Conference

Fake press conference at the New York Public Library. I like this trumpet driven news theme. I didn’t make it into a track for downloading, but if you just have to have a 15 second news theme followed by some underscoring in your library, please get help.