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No Pants 2012

Another pantsless success! Grab the track from the video “Tiger” here. Just click the down arrow to download.

Tiger (reupload) by tylerwalker

8 Responses to “No Pants 2012”

  1. tacoLord Says:

    Like the vocals as a sample

  2. Willard Says:

    No Pants 2012 on youtube, good vid, music brought me here though. Brilliant, well done.

  3. Maher Says:

    hey man.. this is Maher from Egypt !!
    just I wanna say ! are you sure the sound track in the No Pants Ride video on youtube is the same one you have in Tiger ???.. i notice some few seconds of the track in the video are not included in the Tiger Mp3 version !

    you can go to the video in 1.10 mints and you start hear what I mean !!

    can you put this version for dowanload as tiger 2 ?

    you are aamazing
    Keep going

  4. Maher Says:

    exactly in 01:15 mints in the video !!! this part in the music is amazing !!

    can u make this availbe in another version ! just the same in the video !?

  5. Tyler Says:

    they’re slightly different. i’ll email you the first version. often the release song is not identical to the track in the video because we change certain moments to match the picture better.

  6. Reik Says:

    Download limit reached! What a shame.

  7. Tyler Says:

    gonna reupload. it’s never happened before!

  8. Reik Says:

    Wow, thanks, wasn’t expecting that! =D
    I’ve been listening to your other tracks all day, gotta say I’m impressed. Suddenly I like techno?

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